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The career best practices for coaches who want to grow a thriving career MERGING spiritualITY, PSYCHOLOGY, AND E4 TRAUMA method® QUANTUM HEALING & MANIFESTING

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Download the Spiritual Psychology Coach Career Guide To Discover...

  • ​The methods spiritual coaches are using to create rapid transformation for clients, and how to use this to consistently grow your practice
  • ​How to choose a coaching course that will allow you to practice professionally and with internationally recognized qualifications (work from anywhere) 
  • ​Why coaching is expected to grow 20% in the next 12 months! And why there are not enough coaches using real spiritual psychology methods to meet client demand (more on this in a moment)
  • ​​The coaching system developed over 28 years that is professionally recognized and respected world-wide
  • ​The lead generation methods that coaches are using in 2024 to convert clients without high-pressure sales tactics
  • ​The number #1 factor in becoming successful as a coach (that has nothing to do with business or sales)
  • What skills are being used to turn client coaching into programs and courses that can be sold online

Hey Spiritual Superstar,

I'm Dr Erin, and if you want to build a successful coaching business by creating rapid transformation for your clients, working on a mental, physical, emotional and physical level - 

You've come to the right place.

See, I know you have made leaps and bounds in your spiritual awakening so far.

You've seen the profound benefits that meditation and doing the inner work can have on your life.

There's more growth to go (there always is of course!), but that's great because youre obsessed with doing the work.

You also know you're ready.

Ready to help others:

⭐️ Transform and become free from their trauma.
⭐️ Learn to tap into their true self, and live life more on purpose.
⭐️ Make real progress by not just focussing on the physical, but on the areas that create real change.

... and ready to turn it into a thriving business.

Because while part of your purpose is to lift the collective consciousness of the world...

You know that being spiritual does not mean just getting by.

In fact the opposite is true: you will have more impact by becoming an example of abundance, than you will by living the 'struggle' life with everyone.

This could mean being booked out with clients, speaking from stage, or having a wildly successful podcast or social media presence.

It definitely means living a level of lifestyle and glamour that inspires others to make change.

If you're here though, then likely you are not manifesting the level of success right now you know is true for you.

I get how frustrating this is... I've been there.

You know you are destined to succeed - it is why you have been supported to do the work each step of the way.

But you're also constantly wondering - when will I break through?

When will I see the level of success I know is available to me?

Let's talk about how...

In this free guide, I am going to share with you:

  • How I have been able to help hundreds of clients become booked out coaches... even when starting from zero
  • Why clients are looking for coaching based on real spiritual science - more tangible than woo woo spirituality
  • Why your community can limit or unleash your success, and how to find the right one for you
  • ​How to know when you are literally on the verge of a business breakthrough... and what to do to flick the switch
  • The reason that most spiritual coaches struggle to market themselves effectively, and how to shift it without needing to learn lots of new tactics
  • ​A common unconscious decision that many very spiritually powerful people make over and over again that limits their financial abundance
  • PLUS! For the first time ever get my BONUS training on the 7 reasons Spiritual Coaches Are Broke - And What To Do About It!

Are Coaches Using Spiritual Psychology Practices In Demand In 2024?

Yes! Here's why - and 4 reasons you need to take action now!


The Self Development Industry Expected To Reach $67 Billion 

We live in a growth oriented time and people are looking for solutions that actually work. Best of all, there is growing demand towards methods that go beyond just the mental and physical and include spiritual and energetic development 
[Source: Business Wire]


self development industry expected to grow 20% this year 

There is a demand for coaches that is not being met. Not enough coaches are being qualified by internationally recognized providers, which means there is more demand than supply 
[Source: International Coaching Federation]


Experts Predict the Knowledge Industry Will Hit $1 Trillion By 2028

With the right skills, you will be able to go beyond traditional methods of face to face support. You will be able to create information products such as programs and courses that can be sold  all over the world - without leaving your home 
[Source: Global Markets Insights]


Students have 10X their coaching Career with THE E4 Trauma method® 

Imagine being certified so that you could use your personal transformation in your coaching business.
 Dr Erin has developed a method that for rapid transformation called the E4 Trauma Method®. Get trained in a proven framwork to confidently help your clients. 


The E4 Method® Used By Spiritual Psychology Coaches

The revolutionary E4 Trauma Method® combines Quantum Healing and Manifestation to transform peoples lives.

As a Spiritual Psychology Coach using E4, you will be able to work of the subconscious level of all lifetimes, clear DNA epigenetics of negative limiting beliefs and traumas, and guide your client's back to their soul purpose. To awaken POWER!

Combining ancient wisdom with modern thought practices, you will be able to use your E4 knowledge to elevate your life, and the lives of clients around the world.

The principles of E4 have been recognized on a world stage because of their ability to create lasting results. However E4 has been limited from major institutions so far - so these skills remain a huge competitive advantage those those who can take action now.

About Dr Erin


Dr. Erin Fall Haskell, founder of Spiritual Psychology School and E4 Trauma Method®, is a world-renowned thought leader, motivational speaker, and best-selling author. 

Winner of The Walden Wisdom Award next to Oprah, and featured in the "11 Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs To Follow On Instagram" by Forbes, Dr Erin transformed her early life challenges to propel her to personal and financial success.

When Dr. Erin realized that her clients were able to reproduce her results - without needing her level of qualifications - she created the Spiritual Psychology School.

The School now certifies coaches all over the world, allowing them to create a life of freedom, as well as contributing to lifting global consciousness and well-being. 
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Who Is Spiritual Psychology School For?


Dr. Erin is asked this all the time, and her answer might surprise you.

You won't make it as a Spiritual Psychology Coach - if you are only in it for the money.

Yes, you can live a fantastic lifestyle as a Spiritual Psychology Practitioner Coach, and work from wherever you choose. But if your only goal is to make money, you will likely fail.

It takes a passion for helping people and a commitment to deepening your understanding of spiritual science to truly succeed in this field. However, if you have this passion and a desire to help your clients do deep spiritual psychology work, then Dr. Erin can show you how to create a thriving coaching practice!


Dr. Erin's E4 Trauma Method® is incredible! Doing my inner work allowed me to gain clarity, confidence, and become crystal clear about my purpose. I've 10X my spiritual coaching business since I joined."

- Aimee, Spiritual Psychology Graduate


Erin Fall Haskell is nothing short of a miracle worker. We connected the very first time we met and knew we would work together. My experience with Erin unlocked many answers for me in my life purpose, my relationship with myself and my business.

If you get the opportunity to work with this’s Divine timing and meant for you!

- Andrea, Spiritual Psychology Graduate


I realize I was missing ONE thing in my business and it was incorporating subconscious spirituality... More than the income, I am making a real impact. I am incorporating spirituality as the foundation in my business and it has tremendously helped my own clients get amazing results. Erin was my missing link to scale.

- Elaine, Spiritual Psychology Graduate

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